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Be born again

and purify yourself in the Earth’s womb

Temazcal Cancun honors the millenary traditions of ancient medicine. Surrounded by old trees, right by a waterfall of cenote water, the sacred fire heats volcanic stones to create a special moment of relaxation and reflection to be shared with your partner, your family or your friends.

Temazcal Cancun,
Ancient House of Steam and Healing


In this section we give you several ideas to make the most of your event. From the rental of the venue, the design of a retreat, a workshop, a celebration or a wedding, to a survey that will help us tailor everything to your needs.



Give yourself a moment of peace and relaxation in this House of Steam, a place to be in contact with the elements of Nature, where Health through Water and Wellness are paramount. Choose how you want your ritual steam bath, temazcal, to take place.

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Being able to take a break from daily routine to come back renewed is both a gift and a luxury. Give yourself that time with your loved ones. Allow nature and the universe to get rid of what you do not need anymore and recharge with vital energy.

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Design your own event for a weekend or longer. We provide accommodation, venue rental, food, tours, organization and coordination of your stay, etc. Whatever you need for your event to be successful.

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Temazcal recommendations

  • Wear a bathing suit, pareo or skirt (women) and shorts or short trousers (men)
  • Bring a towel and dry clothes to wear after the Temazcal
  • Do not eat heavy foods before entering the Temazcal
  • Drink plenty of water before taking the Temazcal
  • Talk to the temazcalero guide beforehand about any medical condition or health issue.
  • Bring personal items to be blessed and charged with fire energy in the case of ritual Temazcales (photographs, stones, necklaces, seeds, instruments, feathers, etc.)
  • Bring something in case you want to share at the end of the activity (optional)
  • Bring an open heart and willing to share.

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What our clients say

Our goal is for our clients to be happy and relaxed upon leaving the Hacienda and Temazcal. Clients that come back and speak well of us is our best publicity.

Beauty that heals body and soul

It is much more than a beautiful hacienda with an “environmentally friendly” architecture, design and concept. It is a space where, as soon as you get there, you feel welcomed by the “owners” of the place, that is, the jungle vegetation and its fauna. A place to reunite with oneself and with nature through the six senses. The aromas, colors, flavors, textures, sounds, sensory experiences of massages and temazcal. The impeccable hygiene of the place, the sound of nature, the good disposition and friendliness of Federico and the girls make this an endearing place. It is as different from what conventional hotel chains have to offer as it is beautiful. A place I will no doubt come back to.


We want to know more about your event. Our staff will be happy to realize your ideas.